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Image by Jr Korpa


Created by Jo Denning

Dead Blood City cover art on paperback, e-reader, and phone. Saoirse Reilly holds a gun and faces the viewer. There is a misty red background. Her head is framed by an eclipsed moon. The Boston city skyline is visible in the distance.

"An urban fantasy of the finest quality. Fascinating and entertaining!" - Readers' Favorite

Secretly psychic Detective Saoirse Reilly has just returned to duty after killing a man. Her shrink might be convinced she doesn’t want to die but she’s not. Disrupting Reilly’s plan to end her life is the kidnapping of Delaney Bascom on the eve of the blood moon. 

Even psychics can get blindsided.

This case isn’t what it seems and Reilly may not be the only supernatural freak in Boston.


Reilly will have to face her own demons and a family of ancient monsters if she hopes to bring the girl home alive. Domenico Alderisi, a club owner with a bad habit, is determined to stand in her way. And he’s stronger than he looks. But Reilly has the dubious support of Emrys Somerled, a forensic psychologist with a cellar full of secrets and the magic touch.

The blood moon is coming.

Will Reilly save the girl and find a reason to live?


Find out in this urban fantasy meets gritty noir detective novel featuring imperfect heroes and slow burn dark romance with beautiful monsters who can’t be trusted.

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Author Jo Denning's dark fantasy book series follow the journey of Saoirse Reilly, a police detective with psychometric powers. A perfect series for people who love a slice of mystery, romance, and high fantasy with their crime thrillers. Reilly must face ancient monsters to protect the people of Boston and she can't do it alone. She will have to rely on family, friends, strangers, and even enemies. But keeping secrets is a hard habit to break. Join Reilly as she decides if letting people in is more terrifying than death. Check out this groundbreaking, genre-bending series today on Amazon!

The Saoirse Reilly series by Jo Denning in paperback. The red cover of Dead Blood City is partially obscured by the blue cover of Hush Hush City. Saoirse Reilly holds a finger over her lips in front of a misty blue background. She is framed by a ring of white light. The Boston skyline is visible in the distance.
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Image by Jr Korpa

“A book is a suicide postponed.”

Emil Mihai Cioran

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