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Below are the titles for Jo Denning's series of supernatural crime thrillers starring Saoirse Reilly. Learn the reading order and buy the books!

The cover art of Traitor by Jo Denning. A brunette woman floats in blue water with her eyes closed and head tilted back. She wears a diaphanous, white dress. Lilypads and pink lilies float next to her in the water and she is barefoot.


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He was fresh and lovely and wicked.

I was desperate for him.

Over two millennia before the events of Dead Blood City... Traitor tells the tale of Bua, consort to a daoine sidhe king. Lonely and neglected, she begins an affair with the heir of a neighboring clan. She is then caught up in a nefarious scheme that threatens her love, her clan, and even her life.

Will she survive?

Many thanks to Alice Alinari for the beautiful cover image.

Cover art of Shattered City by Jo Denning. A small red car drives away from a big city on an empty highway bridge. Everything but the car is gray. The text of Shattered City is textured like shattered glass and is breaking apart.


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Explore the stories before the story of Dead Blood City in this collection. Follow Saoirse Reilly and others across five supernatural tales of mystery, romance, and horror.



"He gazed up at me like I was fashioned from dreams and sunlight. I felt like a goddess."

A young woman embarks on a sensuous journey to adulthood with a stranger in the woods.



"I was faking it, hoping to make it and praying the people I loved wouldn’t realize I was a trauma chaser. I’d gotten a taste of pain and death and chaos in the desert—wolfed it down until I choked."

A veteran learns not all dangers lurk overseas.


Tower Reversed

"Blood red eyes, dappled with morning dew, stared back at me. They held no remorse even as greedy limbs stuffed human flesh into its mouthparts."

A detective gets lost in another world while investigating a ritual murder.

Cover Art of Dead Blood City by Jo Denning. Saoirse Reilly holds a gun in her right hand pointed up. She wears a leather jacket and T-shirt and. Her wavy auburn hair is loose around her face and shoulder-length. She is framed by an eclipsed moon. The Boston skyline is visible in the distance.


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Secretly psychic Detective Saoirse Reilly has just returned to duty after killing a man. Her shrink might be convinced she doesn’t want to die but she’s not. Disrupting Reilly’s plan to end her life is the kidnapping of Delaney Bascom on the eve of the blood moon.

Even psychics can get blindsided.

This case isn’t what it seems and Reilly may not be the only supernatural freak in Boston.

Reilly will have to face her own demons and a family of ancient monsters if she hopes to bring the girl home alive. Domenico Alderisi, a club owner with a bad habit, is determined to stand in her way. And he’s stronger than he looks. But Reilly has the dubious support of Emrys Somerled, a forensic psychologist with a cellar full of secrets and the magic touch.

The blood moon is coming.

Will Reilly save the girl and find a reason to live?
Find out in this urban fantasy meets gritty noir detective novel featuring imperfect heroes and slow burn dark romance with beautiful monsters who can’t be trusted.

Cover art of Hush Hush City by Jo Denning. Saoirse Reilly holds a finger to her lips in a shushing sign. She stands against a misty, cyan background. White and yellow smoke and embers float around her. She wears a leather jacket. Her wavy, auburn hair is loose around her face and shoulder length. The Boston skyline is visible in the distance.


Available June 12th, 2023

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Saoirse Reilly, police detective and wayward psychic, is still reeling from the events of Dead Blood City. Her lies are piling up but there's no time to deal. She and her loved ones are in danger once again. While investigating the murder of a Boston blueblood, Reilly is drawn into a supernatural power struggle centuries in the making. 


Ancient monsters are prowling the streets and Domenico Alderisi, newly installed vrykolakas master, needs Reilly’s help securing his territory—which just so happens to be her hometown. Alderisi, once her enemy, may be the only one who can save the city. But he has his own agenda and a taste for Reilly's blood.


The only way for Reilly to protect all she holds dear may be to rely on her two-faced teacher, Dr. Emrys Somerled. The criminal psychologist and occult expert is something more than human. If anyone can take on monsters, it's him. And he'd like to get closer to Reilly than ever before. There’s just one problem. Somerled is keeping secrets, too, and there's nothing more dangerous. After all…

Stepping out of the silence is scary but secrets can kill.


Will Reilly escape the web of death and deception?

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